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Dr. Ambalika Tanak


1.Multiplexed cytokine detection using electrochemical point-of-care sensing device towards rapid sepsis endotyping

Biosensors and Bioelectronics

Direct Electrochemical Technique Targeting Sepsis (DETecT Sepsis) device platform provides the first proof of concept for rapid diagnostic screening of sepsis leveraging a host immune response biomarker panel. The results of this research demonstrate a robust, sensitive, specific, and stable which is highly expected from a point-of-care device helpful towards disease endotypying for effective clinical management of sepsis at the patient bedside.

2. Establish pre-clinical diagnostic efficacy for parathyroid hormone as a point-of-surgery-testing-device (POST)

Scientific Reports (in-print)

This work focuses on clinically validating the developed sensor with 40 patient samples who have undergone parathyroidectomy for its use as a clinical utility as a guide to surgeons. The results obtained from READ platform during clinical validation correlated well (r=0.99) with commercially available clinical laboratory method (Cobas, Roche Diagnostics, IA) to measure PTH levels with a turn-around time of less than 15 min.

3. CLIP: Carbon Dioxide testing suitable for Low power microelectronics and IOT interfaces using Room temperature Ionic Liquid Platform

Scientific Reports

We have described the functionality and utility of a developed low-power microelectronic research prototype integrated with an RTIL-based electrochemical sensing platform for the detection of CO2 in exhaled breath.