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Antra Ganguly


Ph.D. Student

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Passively Addressable Ultra-Low Volume Sweat Chloride Sensor

MDPI Sensors

This work demonstrates a novel electrochemical biosensor for the detection of chloride ion levels in ultra-low volumes (1–3 microliters) of passively expressed human sweat. Herein, we demonstrated feasibility of chloride sensing without any active stimulation of sweat glands targeted for the pediatric, geriatric, and other immune-compromised or physically inactive/sedentary population cohort, for whom the current methods of chloride quantification of active stimulation of sweat glands through iontophoresis or treadmill runs are unsuitable.


A Combinatorial Electrochemical Biosensor for Sweat Biomarker Benchmarking

SLAS Technology

In this work, we proposed a biomarker normalization scheme towards building higher precision electrochemical sweat diagnostics. A combinatorial electrochemical passive sweat sensor for accurate biomarker detection in human sweat using cortisol as the target analyte and chloride as the reference biomarker was demonstrated as a proof of concept.


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