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Dr. Durgasha Poudyal

Post Doctoral Research Associate

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Some of my previous research:

Development of Electrocatalyst for fuel cells  

Direct Methanol fuel cells (DMFC) have been tried and tested as an alternative to diesel generators and battery backups employed in off-grid applications such as telecommunications and portable applications. Pt is the best-known anode catalyst for this application. However, the poisoning of Pt is the major problem for alcohol fuel cells, where research is mostly driven to explore the best performing stable anode catalyst to improve the efficiency of alcohol fuels. My research was focused on employing the bimetallic catalysts composite such as Pt-Sn or surface modification of the catalysts support to reduce the Pt metal poisoning and improve the catalysts performance. The electrochemistry was used as a tool to understand. In other work, the electrochemical method to understand the kinetics /rate of CO adsorption on Pt electrocatalyst on methanol fuel cell was developed. 


γ-Ray-Assisted Synthesis of a Pt–Sn Bimetallic Composite Loaded on Graphene–Graphitic Carbon Nitride Hybrid: A Cocktail Electrocatalyst for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction. 

Electrocatalyst on insulating support?: hollow silica spheres loaded with Pt nanoparticles for methanol oxidation 


Methanol oxidation reaction on Pt based electrocatalysts modified ultramicroelectrode (UME): Novel electrochemical method for monitoring rate of CO adsorption. 

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