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Ivneet Banga


Characterization of Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids to Study the Electrochemical Activity of Nitro Compounds

Sensors MDPI

(Sensors 2020, 20(4), 1124;

In this work we successfully performed the detection of nitroaromatic compounds using a GCE modified with a specific RTIL-nafion network. The work highlights the selection of a particular RTIL, that is, [EMIM][BF4], for the detection of nitroaromatic compounds as it amplifies the signal and the [EMIM][BF4]-nafion network acts as a transducer. The results obtained helped in identifying the type of anion and cation suitable for the detection of nitroaromatics and can be employed using an IDE that can be incorporated easily into a hand-held device. This platform can help in the field monitoring of nitroaromatic compounds with a concentration as low as 1 ppm.

Ivneet Banga: TeamMember
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