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Dr. Kai-Chun Lin

Research Scientist

A Sweat-based Wearable Enabling Technology for Real-time Monitoring of IL-1β and CRP as Potential Markers for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

This work demonstrated the wristwatch-like device in a proof-of-concept study. A sensor in the device detects and quantifies the presence of two key biomarkers associated with inflammatory bowel disease: interleukin-1β and C-reactive protein (CRP). The study is the first to establish that CRP is present in human sweat and the first to show that the two biomarkers can be detected in sweat.


Portable biosensor for monitoring cortisol in low-volume perspired human sweat

Scientific reports

For this work, non-faradaic EIS was targeted for its ability as a label-free method for rapid and highly specific affinity-based detection of cortisol. It demonstrates the first example of a portable perspired sweat cortisol monitor through non-faradaic impedance spectroscopy, demonstrating comparable detection of cortisol to a laboratory potentiostat. This work has the potential to vastly improve the health monitoring abilities of both sedentary populations, where the amount of perspired sweat is minimal


AWARE: A Wearable Awareness with Real-time Exposure, for monitoring alcohol consumption impact through Ethyl Glucuronide detection


This work demonstrated a stand-alone wearable biosensor for non-invasive monitoring of sweat EtG. EtG was detected continuously, toward demonstrating toward real-time alcohol consumption monitoring. The device successfully differentiated three distinct EtG concentrations correlating to simulated drinking scenarios estimated to be 1, 2, and 3 standard U.S. drinks consumed over a duration of 60 min.

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