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Dr. Madhavi Pali

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Our research team focused on wearable, user friendly device for sweat biomarker monitoring at the time of inflammation. We are thriving towards to monitor markers like cytokines/Corticosteroids/Glucose etc, which were proven that the primate analytical signals to understand Disease symptoms in human bio fluids at various stages of Infection/Inflammation occurrences. Our lab demonstrated   sweat based Cortiwatch, a Cortisol sensing device to understand diurnal stress patterns in human life.   Title : CortiWatch: watch-based cortisol tracker

Another Research Project recently got published was  a successful demonstration of sweat based sensing device to continuously monitor prominent IBD markers such as Iinterleukin-1beta & C-reactive protein. Title: A Sweat-based Wearable Enabling Technology for Real-time Monitoring of IL-1β and CRP as Potential Markers for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Dr. Madhavi Pali: TeamMember
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