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Paul Rice

Research Engineer & Lab Manager

CortiWatch: Wrist Worn Cortisol Monitor for Non-Invasive Cortisol Detection

 Future Science OA

This work features the development, testing, and deployment of a wrist worn cortisol detection system. Material characterization, dose responses, and hardware parameters are detailed within the publication.

SPICEInverse: Synthesis of an Accelerated Multiplexed Impedance Measurement Technique for Wearable Low-Power Electrochemical Systems

IEEE Xplore

SPICEInverse highlights the High Density Analog Multiplexing system which was developed in our lab to rapidly test multichannel biosensors. The primary goal of this work was to increase the number of loads supported by a system while maintaining signal integrity and using the fewest possible pins.

Development of a Flexible, Sweat-Based Neuropeptide Y Detection Platform

RSC Advances

This work details research conducted to find an ultra-low volume, passive sweat based sensor for Neuropeptide Y (NPY). Variations in NPY concentration have a close association with the diagnosis of Major Depression Disorder (MDD) and other various anxiety disorders.

Paul Rice: TeamMember
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