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Dr. Sasya Madhurantakam

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Fabrication of mediator-free hybrid nano-interfaced electrochemical biosensor for monitoring cancer cell proliferation

Biosensors & Bioelectronics

This work depicts the development of electrochemical biosensor using carbon nanotubes and graphene as hybrid interface coupled with Glucose oxidase for measurement of glucose levels. The developed sensor was utilized for monitoring cancer cell proliferation based on glucose consumption values.


Fabrication of a Nano-Interfaced Electrochemical Triglyceride Biosensor and its Potential Application towards Distinguishing Cancer and Normal Cells

Chemistry Select


In this work we have investigated the hybrid nanointerface of carbon nanotubes and graphene for the construction of a triglyceride biosensor based on co-immobilization of lipase, glycerol kinase, glycerol-3- phosphate oxidase. The potential application of the sensor towards distinguishing cancerous and normal cells based on triglyceride content has been explored.


Electrochemical enzymeless detection of superoxide employing naringin–copper decorated electrodes

Biosensors & Bioelectronics

The present work aims to develop an enzyme less biosensor based on naringin–copper complex for superoxide mimicking properties and investigated its electrochemical sensing characteristics. We tried to measure superoxide levels in nd stimulated macrophages to mimic stress conditions.

Kevin: TeamMember
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