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Dr. Shalini Prasad

Department Head of Bioengineering


Shalini Prasad is a Professor in the Department of Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering graduate program at The University of Texas at Dallas since 2011. She also holds an adjunct appointment in the department of Physics at Portland State University. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of Madras, India in 2001 and obtained her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Riverside in 2004.

Prior to UT Dallas, she worked as Research Assistant Professor and content expert in organic/inorganic interfaces at National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Node, Center of Solid State Electronics Research, Arizona State University for 2 years. From 2005 to 2011 she worked as an Assistant Professor in Portland State University and Wichita State University, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering respectively.

Among many other honors, she was awarded with Bomhoff Distinguished Professor and Cecil and Ida Green Distinguished Professor endowment in Bioengineering and Systems Biology. Dr. Prasad is currently the Director of Biomedical Microdevices and Nanotechnology Laboratory, which primarily focuses on multi-disciplinary research work that includes design of inexpensive portable devices and platforms for cellular and molecular diagnostics and therapeutics.


Her doctoral research work on “Development, application and characterization of a single cell based sensor”, was awarded the graduate student research award at the time. This eventually led to the foundation and development of her present research lab (Biomedical Microdevices and Nanotechnology Laboratory) which focuses on “point-of-care” diagnostic devices and near-future therapeutic platforms, addressing the public health challenges of rapid and cost-effective medical care.

Dr. Prasad’s lab has been actively participating in developing translational technologies that specifically studies interaction between bio-molecules and their microenvironment within the sensor to develop early diagnostic sensor platforms. Her research work has been supported by a number of federal, state agencies and corporate entities. She and her over 75 graduate and undergraduate students have published over 60 journals and contributed to 5 issued or pending patents. Her research has won many accolades, some of the notable ones are form AAAS Pacific Division Research, Gordon Research Conferences group and Lab Automation Society.

Shalini Prasad: TeamMember
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